Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baxter's day at work

Hi Ms B & 1B & Pt Cook. How do you like the blog site John made for me?? I think it is great. Well I have had a busy couple of days so far. Ms B's husband (David) took me to work with him. David is a cameraman on the swimming he operates the periscope camera in the pool. When Dave told me that I could have a go at his camera I got a little scared as I am not a good swimmer and didn't bring any bathers with me. However I didn't need to worry as you operate the camera from a nice dry room. Using the camera is a bit like playing a video game, you use a joystick to pan & tilt camera and wheel to raise and lower the camera into the water. It was great fun.

Toby and Angus I bet you are surprise that you Dad is doing a robotic camera, because when we saw him play the PS & Wii he wasn't very good at it.

Well I think it is time to see some pictures.

Here I am using the periscope camera contrrol. Grant and John are also working with me. John operates the U/W cameras that get the swimmers turning at either end.

This is the housing for the periscope cam. It is a large waterproof metal box with camera inside it. The periscope cam was designed and built in Australia by the guys at Seven who made the Racecams. They are very clever people. Here they are installing the periscope cam.

Here you can see the periscope cam in the pool.

Here is the pool where I have been working. I am very lucky to be here. Toby and Angus Dad and I spend our time working in a little hut just next to the pool.


Linda Bramwell said...

Hi Baxter,
It has been great to hear about all the interesting things that you have been doing in China. Please say thank-you to all of your wonderful friends who helped you to set up your blog; the students in 1B and I have really enjoyed hearing from you! From Ms. B.

sam 6 said...

Dear Baxter are you having a grat time in Beijing. What are you doing

charlie 6 said...

Hi Baxter what is your favourite sport

Baxter said...

Hi Sam. I am having a great time in China. Today we are rehearsing for Synchronised swimming.

Baxter said...

Hi Charlie. My favourite sport is swimming but I like some athletics events too. Have you watched any yet?

Anonymous said...

Wahoo John (pappa) I really like the website my dad made.
Baxter. I see you in a lot of the pictures. Make sure you have fun

Joshua said...

Hi Baxter,I hope you are having a grat time in china,do you like sleping in cina. from Joshua.

jordan, 6 said...

hi baxter

Baxter said...


I like sleeping in China. It is fun. Since it is Summer time here and Winter time in Oz...if I had been in Oz I would have been in hibernation for a long time. Do you know what hibernation is? If not...ask Ms. B. She can tell you all about it.

Baxter said...


Hi. Thanks for the post. Hope to see you soon.