Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging - its really fun!

This blogging stuff is new to me. It was scary at first. I am now really enjoying it. It is fun to read about what all of you are asking me. Thanks for all the questions. I have a couple of blogging buddies here. I had Toby and Angus' dad take some pictures of me with them.

Merrin and I blog and help Dave put the pictures out there for all of you to see. She helps me answer the questions since I type really slow.

John is the one that came up with the idea about the blog. He blogs for his kids to see what is happening. John helps me by answering a lot of the comments as well.


Ms. Bramwell and 1B said...

Hi Baxter,
thanks for replying to all of the questions and comments we are sending you. As you can tell we love reading your blog and now some of our families are getting interested as well. We are looking forward to seeing you again next week. Your friend Berwyn Bear is getting very jealous of all the great things you are doing and seeing. I had to remind him that he could have gone to China instead of you if he wasn't so fat!!

Baxter said...

Ms. B,

Thanks for spreading the news about the blog and I am really glad the kids and families are enjoying my adventures. It is hard work but it is fun. You are right....Berwyn could have gone but had eaten too much honey recently. I guess maybe some bearercize would do him good.