Monday, August 18, 2008

My new outfit

Hi everybody
The other day I went to the tailors with Ms B's husband go get some new clothes. It was really exciting. First I had to take of my old clothes so the ladies could measure me. Then we picked some material. Ms B there are so many lovely fabrics you would love it here! Ms B, I reminded Dave to get some fabrics for your sewing. I think he made some good choices but you know what a dingbat he can be at time. I caused quite a commotion in the shop nobody could believe that a bear was getting a Chinese coat. In fact a TV crew interviewed us about my new clothes. Can you believe that? Dave had to talk for me as I am a little shy a times.
What do you think of my new outfit??
I like it, the Gold Dragons used to be reserved for Royalty in olden times, (when Ms B was a little girl).
So does that make make me a Prince??
I have put in a picture of Merrin and me together. Merrin is the lovely lady who helped set up my Blog.
Bye for now.
Miss you all.
Baxter Bear XOXOXO.


Isaac 7 said...

Baxter I realy like your outfit I like the goldin dragons

Baxter said...


Thanks. I like it too. They did a really cool job on my outfit. The dragons are Awesome.

Jordan said...

Hi Baxter,
My Nanna works with Defence children at your school. You probably know her. Her name is Barb.I go to a different school and we have a class bear. His name is Caramel. We get to take him home when we get a student of the week award and on special occasions.We can take photos and write a story about it.
Caramel is a lot bigger and taller than you but he hasn't been to the Olympics or to China.
You are really lucky. I hope you had a good time. You look really good in your new Chinese clothes.
I hope you like being back at school. I really like school. I just at my birthday at the beginning of the Olympics. I am 8 years old and I am in Grade 2.